The In.Volution Project is a set of 12+1 training nodes and a dynamic ever-evolving process built as a palimpsest of fullerenes. It is committed to the advancement of Life in all its diversity.

InVol Shape 250X250It is dedicated to expanding and sharing Civil Enlightenment and shaping the world from within, helping different species interact in simple terms and promoting galactic citizenship and interstellar individuality.

The participants share the idea of a world of Prosperity, Confidence, Solidarity, Co-Evolution and sustainable Peace.

We promote High Ethics, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Non-Harmful behavior, outfront Care and Service to others and committed to freeing ourselves of political, religious, geographical, planetary or species boundaries. 

We question our traditions, our conventional mindsets and preconceived ideas while taking radical steps in our lives to build a stable and peaceful world and to set up the ground breaking values for the next generations, on Earth or on other Planets.